Monday, June 13, 2011

Idaho birds

Where has the time gone? I've been studying hard and taking exams, for the most part. But, to get a little fresh air and exercise Cyndi makes sure I take my eyes from the computer screen from time to time, and we go birding. I've not found the time to blog, or even edit all the photos I've taken.

I've just finished another course of study and am in my final review for my next exam. To reward myself for my determination to get through this one I'm spending a little while organizing and editing my photos.

You now get to share the joy I've had taking these. You might want to click on some of your favorites in this batch to see them really large. The feather structure can be seen in the close-ups.

This is a Chipping Sparrow.

Though we didn't enter the closed area, of course, we could still see some wildlife. It wasn't hard to find!

This Killdeer is one of those photos you might enjoy seeing larger. Look at that eye color! And, I must say, you can probably tell that the bird was not running in fear for its life. I'm learning to get along better with our avian friends. Patience and a longer lens are my secrets.

Here's a colorful Kestrel.

These are Horned Grebe.

Everybody loves Eagles, and this is a mature Golden Eagle.

The Mountain Bluebird is Idaho's state bird.

I got quite close to this Yellow-headed Blackbird, and the light was favorable as well.

Here's an American Avocet feeding.

I had to put in another, so you could see that wonderful curved bill.

Here's a Wilson's Phalarope.

And, a muskrat is gathering plant materials. Do you think it eats that stuff? Or is it making a nice home with a soft bed?

I saw this Pronghorn yesterday. Cyndi and I took the long way home from her mother's house in Gooding.

And this fox kit was seen just outside of the urban area of Boise at Foote Park by the Boise River.