Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Scavenger Hunt

Can you believe it? I never participated in a Scavenger Hunt ... until recently. Cyndi put together a winning team, and yes, we really did win! We had to find some things and bring them back physically, and others we needed to photograph to document some activity. All with a time limit. We had a huge list with things to bring back like a raisin, a valentine, a parking ticket and much more.

We also had to find and photograph things like a rotary telephone, a small car, and an engraved brick.

And, we had to have photos of ourselves in certain places, positions, or situations. Like on the Idaho State Capitol steps and at a bus stop, or with a bride or groom, or behind the wheel of a taxi. As you can imagine, we briefly met many strangers (who often thought us stranger).

You get the idea. A good time was had by all. In this photo we are "wading in a fountain" as required. Part of the fun is dissing the other teams' efforts, and I'll just state here and for the record ... I never saw their feet in the water.

Nevermind, they can have the point for photographing their faces in front of a fountain ... they still didn't match our results!

And, since from this photo it might look like I'm not taking my online schooling seriously, I have to give an update. I just finished my second semester one month early, and instead of the required 12 credits I earned 21 credit units moving my graduation date a bit earlier.