Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Genie is out of the bottle

You've patiently looked at that previous ugly post on this blog for far too long.  Today my Western Governors University project took a big step into the virtual world.  I have uploaded a crucial part of my final project to a live server.

Please check it out at heliographs.com

Your passwords are your keys to your online life, protecting banking or retirement accounts, dating or social media websites, and your email. Guard passwords well because they secure your privacy and your assets the same as a house key or car key. Many people ask, "How can I remember all these passwords?" Now you know why I created this Genie! Genie tells me all my passwords. All I have to do is ask, then copy and paste the password to the website login page.

I will assert that I have found nothing like it in the world today.  Please let me know if you are aware of any similar product in existence.  Please try to exercise Genie fully, and let me know your thoughts, and what results you have had.

This was the result of many months of labor and thought.  I'm now about two months away from completion of my degree program.

Happy New Year!