Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Here are a couple of photos of my yard and garden, to celebrate the season of rebirth. The crocus are often the first flower to peek out in the springtime.

The goldfish have come out of their dormancy and are eating once again, and green shoots are appearing in the flower and herb garden.

I have spaded the soil in the vegetable garden area and put in cold-hardy seeds: snow peas, spinach, and cabbage.

I'm trying a new technique this year called "square foot gardening". Each square foot will have something different (well, other than things like corn, beans and peas ... which will share a small series of squares). I placed a large stepping stone in the center of each area, so I will be able to reach all of the squares, to plant, weed, and harvest. The tall things like corn will go on the north side. Short things like carrots will go near the tomatoes, and I even got serious enough to buy some of those cages that keep the tomato plants from falling over and spreading all over the garden allowing pests to eat the tomatoes that touch the earth.

Now, if the quail will just stay out of the newly planted earth ...

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Good luck with the quail! The yard looks good though. Hope you have a great gardening season and make sure the Bean gets to help.