Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Halverson Lake

On my day off Cyndi and I traveled down to the Snake River Canyon and walked the short trail to Halverson Lake. This is a photo of the lake, on a bench at a bend in the Snake River. The Snake River is over at the base of that far hillside.

The sun was low on the horizon and many insects were flying in the warm spring air as new green buds swelled in preparation for springtime blooms.

Sagebrush was mixed in with the dry grasses and large boulders.

On the way back we saw this Loggerhead Shrike, and we also enjoyed the songs of a Rock Wren and multiple Canyon Wrens.

Arriving at the car by the Snake River right around sunset, we were surprised to see this Muskrat on our side of the river. It's about two feet from nose to tip of the wiry tail, much larger than I thought those things were ... but how would I know since I've never seen one until now.


Cynthia said...

Spring has sprung on the Snake River Plain! Thanks for sharing this lovely afternoon.

Idaho Birder said...

I used to go camping at Lake Halverson when I was a Boy Scout. What a cool place with the sand dunes too. I loved your post on the Snow Geese at Fort Boise WMA.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Glad you're sharing more than just the birds.