Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rainstorms and Rainbows

Cyndi and I decided we would go see some birds in the evening, after work. When we got to the Lucky Peak dam this sight caused us to pull in and join the other gawkers. The reservoir was full and due to the warm weather they were venting the excess water through these great pipes at the base of the dam. At the sunset hour dark storm clouds gathered in the east, and the spray from the great plume of venting water caused a mist to cover the parking area and a rainbow to form.

It reminded me of some vast waterfall.

As we walked through the park the actual storm clouds joined in and rain poured down, but with the setting sun beaming through clear skies in the west. What a neat scene as we sought shelter in a covered picnic area.

This Eastern Kingbird continued to forage for insects between the raindrops, its white terminal tail band glowing in the sunlight.

And now a natural rainbow formed in the skies over the hills, this one from the storm clouds instead of the dam's vent.

Then, as quickly as it had arrived, the rain ceased and the birds gathered in the warm sun to shake the moisture from their feathers and catch a quick meal before dark. This one is the Western Tanager.

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Anonymous said...

How neat! I love that photo of the rain.