Sunday, May 10, 2015

Nature's Languages

Have you ever been fascinated by all the different ways we communicate?  I think of ancient Celtic runes that look to me like leafless trees in autumn, the dots and dashes of Morse Code or Braille, the bird heads and loincloth-clad figures in Egyptian hieroglyphics, and Japanese grass writing (which is the equivalent of our cursive hand).  As I walked in the forest I came across many patterns and textures that made me think of the varied ways we preserve and transmit information, and took this series of photos in case any cryptographers out there are interested in trying to break nature's code to find out what is being relayed.

This is a tree, returning to the particles from which it formed.

With just a little imagination, you'll see a woodland sprite, seated,  Maybe it will take a lot of imagination.

This was in a burned-over area.

This is the one that reminded me of Morse Code.

These are some large and very regular woodpecker holes.  I suppose it could be a sapsucker that made them.  Looks like dragon scales to me.

I believe these to be wood fibers, or the layer that held the bark to the tree, perhaps.

Have you seen the petroglyphs left by ancient peoples, the ones that are maps of their travels?  This, too, is a map of some creature's travels.

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