Friday, July 31, 2015


The last day of the conference we set out on our own to visit some nearby areas, including a hike into the Jedediah Smith Wilderness.

Bluebell Bellflower
Campanula rotundifolia

Cyndi photographing the Bluebell Bellflower
Campanula rotundifolia

Red Clover
 Trifolium pratense

pollinator on False Hellebore
Veratrum californicum

Columbian Monkshood
Aconitum columbianum

False Hellebore
Veratrum californicum
and Cyndi with Coneflower and  Red Clover

Bumblebee and Larkspur
Bombus and Delphinium sp.

Explorer's Gentian
Gentian calycosa

Ruffed Grouse
Bonasa umbellus

Mourning Cloak butterfly on Cow Parsnip (I think ... all feedback about identifications is welcomed).

Sticky Geranium
Geranium viscosissimum

This large lichen was growing on the forest floor.

Grand Teton, near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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