Friday, March 20, 2009

Birds of Prey National Conservation Area

Southwest Idaho has one of the highest concentrations of nesting raptors in North America. The Snake River plain is habitat for rodents that the raptors prey upon. With springtime weather here, I decided to go visit the Birds of Prey and Snake River canyon.

This lizard was sunning by the overlook. It would occasionally do a couple of push-ups to show off its orange belly.

Looking down into the canyon gave the opportunity to see this Red-tailed Hawk from above as it cruised looking for prey.

On the way home I saw this Rough-legged Hawk flying at eye-level. Usually I see them high in the sky and the photo only shows their underside.

I went there looking for Sage Sparrows, but the only photo I got was from a great distance. I'll have to do better next time. Sage Sparrows only live where there is sagebrush. Though it is hard to imagine, their habitat is fast disappearing due to encroaching development, fire, and conversion to agricultural uses.

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful hawk pictures! I remember seeing White Throated Swifts there...