Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not just for the birds

I mentioned the birding outing I went on, but didn't show many bird photos. I actually didn't get many photos of birds. The weather was blustery and cold, so many birds were staying out of the wind. But I did see many incredible sights. The trip went to the Owyhee River in Oregon. Eastern Oregon has many beautiful geological features. We stopped to see this rock arch.

I was also impressed by some very tall grasses in a park. Without cattle grazing these grasses had grown up to be much taller than us.

And, of course, we did see birds. There were many, perhaps 150 or more, Sandhill Cranes gathered for their northward migration, feeding in a corn field.

This Great-horned Owl was sitting on a nest. Signs of springtime are everywhere now.

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Anonymous said...

How exciting to see that many cranes all together! It looks like it was a fun trip despite the weather.