Monday, June 29, 2009

Growing Things

Last year my subdivision Homeowners' Association sent me a letter saying that they disapproved of my yard. They really were not any more specific than that, so I had to guess what was on their mind. I trimmed some branches, took out one dead cherry bush, and patched some brown spots in the lawn.

But there was a strip between my house and my neighbor's house that was very narrow and difficult to keep watered. It was rather brown and could have been the cause of the letter. Who knows.

So, I dug all the grass out and put in some plants that might be tolerant of less water, and covered the area with landscaping cloth and bark to try to keep in some moisture.

This is what it looked like last October.

And, this spring ... in May.

And, today! The orange Day Lily plant will bloom soon. The tall grass is a native bunchgrass called Great Basin Wild Rye.

A bit obsessed with my landscaping, you say? I have to be. It's the law.


Anonymous said...

Oh that spot is coming along BEAUTIFULLY! I hope it's less work than mowing it too.

Robert Mortensen said...

Nice work. It looks really good. We use those landscaping technics regularly at Avimor because of the high desert, shrub-steppe zone we are in.