Wednesday, July 29, 2009

South Hills

Last week I had four days off in a row, for a long weekend. I planned a trip to the Steens Mountains for Saturday - Monday, but was seeking something to do on the Friday before I headed west. There had been reports of a Blue Grosbeak in the South Hills, near Twin Falls, so on Friday I went to the South Hills. I met my friend Duane and we trekked the area looking for the Grosbeak, and enjoying the day. I had never visited the South Hills, on the Sawtooth National Forest, and truly enjoyed the views. They're right near where the Nevada - Utah - Idaho borders converge.

I didn't realize what Teasel looked like while in flower. I photographed many of the dried seed heads this spring in Oregon and showed them on an earlier post. But here is what the flower looks like.

We did see many birds, though I was more lucky in viewing than in photographing. Still, this hummingbird landed close enough for a picture. The female and juvenile hummingbirds can be remarkably difficult to identify, and my best guess is that this is likely a Calliope Hummingbird.

Oh, and we never did spot a Blue Grosbeak. Maybe on another day ... .

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