Monday, June 7, 2010

Madera Canyon

Birders from all over the world travel to enjoy the birding at Madera Canyon. It's a beautiful destination, and has unique birds that everyone wants to see. I wondered before I went if I would be able to tell the Mexican Jay from the others, as they did look similar in the bird book. When I got there I found that there were only Mexican Jays, so it was not a problem at all.

On our last day there some Blue Grosbeak showed up. This one is in front of a Mexican Jay.

The Wild Turkeys frequent the property, and can also be seen down by the creek.

The Painted Redstart fans its wings and tail in what I suppose is a territorial gesture. They're hyperactive and don't sit still for a photo very often.

The Bridled Titmouse is sort of like a Chicakadee with a crest.

Every evening the resident Elf Owl pokes his (or her) head out of the hole in the utility pole where it sleeps by day. It is quite dark by the time it appears, and I felt lucky that this hand-held shot came out at all. I had a tripod, but was using it for my scope, and alternated between enjoying the view of this small owl (North America's smallest) and trying to take a photo.

It took me a while, looking in the Sibley's guide to birds to figure out this one, since I'd never seen it before. It is a Rufous-crowned Sparrow. Those sparrows sure can be difficult to identify.

The tall Sycamore trees are habitat for Orioles and Tanagers and many more.

This one is the Hepatic Tanager. The Hepatic Tanager was one of four types of tanager I saw on this trip.

One of the much-sought birds is the Flame-colored Tanager. This is one of the very few that visit the United States. It has been returning to this area for four years now.

Acorn Woodpeckers were everywhere, and they work as a family unit, collecting acorns and storing them for winter consumption.

This next one is distinctive, as it is the only brown-backed woodpecker in the United States. It is the Arizona Woodpecker.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, that looks like birder's paradise! I bet that was the best trip ever. How many new birds did you get to add to your list?

Idaho Birder said...

I'm so jealous now!