Monday, June 14, 2010

Paton's Yard

For many years Marion Paton welcomed visitors to her yard in Patagonia, Arizona. Though she passed away last year, her yard is still a haven for birds and birders alike and is being cared for by one who shared her love of birds.

I've blogged about the hummingbirds I saw there earlier, so will just show a few of the other birds that I saw in her yard.

The Eurasian Collared-Dove has spread all over North America in the past decade, and Arizona is no exception.

Inca Dove.

Common Ground-Dove.

The female Northern Cardinal can be identified by her red bill, though the male is quite distinctive and would be harder to misidentify.

The Summer Tanager is also all red, but lacks the crest and red bill.

The Gambel's Quail closely resembles the California Quail, but the warm brown cap is one difference.

The Gila Woodpeckers were ubiquitous in Arizona, and this is one of the closer photos I took.

When I saw the name of this bird in the book I misread it as "Albert's" when in fact it is an Abert's Towhee.

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Bill S. said...

Beautiful pictures. Some people just have a way of attracting birds and kids to them.